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I took 8356 Speedway images in the 1998/99 season. I expect to take around the same number of photographs in the 1999/2000 season.
There are negatives for over 60,000 Speedway images filed away.

This page was last updated 16th May 2000.

There is a version of one of the Rally Pictures (Carlos Sainz in the Castrol Toyota) in a size suitable for downloading as wallpaper.
Click here to go to a Speedway image suitable for use as a wallpaper.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 1st April 2000.

Pictures from Kihikihi Speedway 26th March 2000. North Island Midget Championship.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 25th March 2000. Super Saloon Car Tri-Series. Final Round.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 4th March 2000. Auckland Super Stockcar and Saloon Championships.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 26th February 2000. Super Saloon Car Nationals.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 19th February 2000. Auckland Stockcar and Modified Championships.

Pictures from Palmerston North 18th February 2000. 1st night of the Palmerston North Superstock Teams meeting.

Pictures from Waitamata Harbour 14th February 2000.
UIM Offshore Powerboat World Championships.

Pictures from the Pukekohe Road Racing Meeting 13th February 2000.
Pictures from Waikaraka Park 12th February 2000. Budget Tyres NZ Ltd. Salooncar Championship.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 29th January 2000. Modified Dirt Cup.

For large images from the Pit Stop New Zealand Super Salooncar Championship go to and use the archive facility to check out the Newsletter item of January 25th.

Pictures from Waikaraka Park 27th December 1999.

Pictures from Western Springs International Midget Test 28th December 1999.
Pictures from Western Springs International Midget Test 26th December 1999.
Pictures from Western Springs International Midget Test 26th December 1999 and from the media day on December 24th.
Pictures from Western Springs 18th December 1999.

Pictures from the Liquor King 500. Pukekohe 7th November 1999.

Pictures from the 20th November 1999 meeting at Waikaraka Park.

Pictures from the 19th November 1999 Stockcar Teams Championship meeting at Huntly.

Pictures from the 30th October 1999 meeting at Waikaraka Park. The first meeting of the 1999/2000 season

Pictures from the October 1999 meetings at Rosebank Road.

Pictures from NZ International Rally. Leg One, 16th July 1999. Pictures from NZ International Rally. Leg Three, 18th July 1999.

Pictures from Greg Todd Memorial Rally. Maramarua Forest 13th June 1999.
Pictures from the 25th April, Kihikihi.
Results from the 27th March, Waikaraka Park.

Pictures from the 3rd round of the National MX Championship.
Results and pics from the 20th March, Waikaraka Park.
Results from Stock Car Teams Nationals at Waikaraka Park on the 12th and 13th March.
Pictures and results from Kihikihi 28th Feb. and Saloon Nationals at Waikaraka Park on the 27th Feb.
Pictures from the bike racing at Paeroa 21st Feb.. The pub shot
Pictures from Palmerston North Teams 19th February and Waikaraka Park 20th Feb..
Click here for results from The N.I. Modified and Auckland Stockcar Championships at Waikaraka Park 13th February 1999.Also news about the coming Stockcar teams racing.
Click here for results from The mad Butcher's meeting at Waikaraka Park 6th February 1999. Also results from Rotorua, sidecars at Gisborne, Limiteds from Stratford and midgets in Nelson.
Click here for results from Rotorua 5th February 1999.

Results from Rosebank Road Solos 31st January 1999.Pictures added 18th February.
Also the NZ Stockcar Champs and the earlier report with the qualifiers for the Nationals.
For those who want it click here for my opinion about the NZ Stockcar G.P. Be warned you are not going to like it!!!
Also results from the meeting . Waikaraka Park 23rd January.Photographs added 26th January.
Click here for the pictures and results of Limited Saloon Nationals 1999. Waikaraka Park. Also results from the World 240 Stockcar Championship.
Pictures added 24th January.
Click here for Results from the Dirt Cup and International Solo meeting at Waikaraka Park.9th January 1999.There are Pics of the solo crash.
Tony Briggs: click on Tony to go to some solo pics (10 in total).

Click here for Photos from Waikaraka Park. The Streetstock Smash and Grab meeting of the 2nd January 1999.
Click here for results and pics from Rotorua. The North Island Stockcar Champs. 1 & 2 Jan 1999.
Click here for Results of the Standard Stock Teams Nationals, 27th & 28th December 1998.

Last season I took just under 8,800 action photographs. Some of the older pics can still be viewed.
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